Entertaining. Memorable. Motivating.

Henning Harfst studied presentation techniques & media skills in Hamburg. As a trained event manager and businessman he knows the mechanisms of live marketing. The typical North German works conceptually for various agencies and companies, and advises executives as a communication coach. The interpersonal communication is his passion.

His self-designed WEB-TV format „Alles im grünen Bereich“ achieved ratings of up to two million viewers. German show host icon, Frank Elstner, named him one of the best young presenters in Germany, with the high recommendation : „Please continue and go on!“

In over 1,000 moderated or conceptualized shows he has sharpened his communicational talents.

He knows how to engage a public audience, how to address listeners in a charming, lively way always motivating and enabling the audience.

With the viewer at eye level, he presents with passion and charm. He is particularly interested in nuances and is a good observer, a brilliant talk partner, knowing when to stick to a text and when to let go – overall a distinguished and experienced talk show or event host. He lives in Munich and has an office in Hamburg.

His work focuses on 4 tasks:

Presenter Munich Hamburg Germany Henning Harfst
ARD Moderator Muenchen Hamburg TV
Telekommunikation Mobilfunk Moderator Vernetzung Muenchen Hamburg
NDR Moderator Muenchen Hamburg TV
LED Technik Lampen Leuchten Moderator Muenchen Hamburg
RTL TV Moderator Muenchen
Ministerium Diskussion Moderator Muenchen Hamburg
Moderator Muenchen Hamburg Podiumsdiskussion Henning Harfst Berlin Ministerium
Let's talk on the phone and see if I fit in with your project.Just call me // Phone: +49 89 21258580
Interview Kinder Jugendliche fest Moderator Muenchen Hamburg
Moderator München Diskussion Marketing
Moderatoren Duo Henning Harfst Stefanie Dreyer moderieren Abend Gala
Moderatoren Duo Henning Harfst Stefanie Dreyer moderieren Koch Show
Moderator Henning Harfst Hamburg Muenchen Interview