Double your reach – with a perfect presentation duo
Authentic. Committed. Inspirational. Impressive.

We connect to people through personal, direct, entertaining communication. We add emotions to your key messages and convey these effectively to your target group. In a professional manner and yet casual. Skilled in the essential background information and yet understandable and memorable. We know how to generate emotional appeal and attention. When we present, our audience is eager to obtain more information, is entertained and carries the key messages home with a positive feeling to their colleagues and friends. We – that is, communication and presentation experts, Stefanie Dreyer and Henning Harfst.

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Our work focuses on 4 tasks:
Moderatoren Duo Muenchen Hamburg Dreyer Harfst
ARD Moderator Muenchen Hamburg TV
Telekommunikation Mobilfunk Moderator Vernetzung Muenchen Hamburg
NDR Moderator Muenchen Hamburg TV
LED Technik Lampen Leuchten Moderator Muenchen Hamburg
RTL TV Moderator Muenchen
Ministerium Diskussion Moderator Muenchen Hamburg
Moderatoren Duo Muenchen Hamburg Berlin Dreyer Harfst
Let us advise you in detail whether a duo moderation is suitable for your case.Just call us // Phone: +49 89 21258580
Moderator Henning Harfst Stefanie Dreyer Tag des Handwerks
Moderatoren Duo Dreyer - Harfst moderieren Award Verleihung
Moderatoren Duo Henning Harfst Stefanie Dreyer moderieren Abend Gala
Moderatoren Duo Henning Harfst Stefanie Dreyer moderieren Koch Show
Moderator Henning Harfst Muenchen Hamburg moderiert Koch Show